4 similarities between The Matrix and office life

Posted on November 13, 2018 at 4:30 PM

All movies, even the most twisted ones, have something in common with real life. In a series of posts, we will try to show you some of the similarities between few of the most popular movies and the office life. We will start with ‘The Matrix’.

  1. ‘The unplugged’ colleague

    In every office there is this one guy who is always quiet, who always stays aside, who does not like to get involved in the office dynamic. He is usually one of the IT guys. He thinks he has figured it all out, he is convinced that all of his colleagues live inside the Matrix and live under its control. That is why he avoids speaking with the others. He is afraid that the Matrix may get him sucked back into it.

  2. The one who thinks he is ‘the chosen one’

    We all have met that guy. The co-worker who thinks he knows it all. He appears to be everywhere at any time but unlike Neo, he arrives even when you may not need him. He always has something to say, to give an advice and an unwanted opinion. A long time ago somebody gave him a good feedback on his work and from then on, he started to consider himself as ‘the chosen one’ whose mission is to spread his knowledge around and give some of his wisdom to the others.

  3. The one who is looking for ‘the chosen one’

    Every HR specialist is looking for the right person for a certain position in the company. Just like Morpheus was looking for ‘the chosen one’ for a long time, sometimes the talent hunt may require a long time and a lot of effort. The HR specialist should go trough many job applications, should read many motivational letters, should conduct a lot of interviews with the wrong candidates until he or she spots the right one, ‘the chosen one’.

  4. ‘There is no spoon’

    ‘The truth is that there is no spoon’. A very famous phrase from the first movie of the trilogy. Unlike the profound meaning that the phrase has in The Matrix though, we mean a much more ordinary situation at the office. You have probably been in this situation at least a few times a week. You order your lunch, you go to the office kitchen/bar to have it, you reach for a clean spoon and oops… there is none. Your co-workers simply decided that the cleaning lady will do that job, forgetting that she only comes once a day in the morning. Convenient, huh?