Taboo topics at the office

Posted on April 25, 2018 at 12:30 PM

Spending eight or more hours a day, five days a week with the people you work with allow you to develop a bond because of the consistency of time spent. You should definitely not confuse this time with quality time and consider your coworkers friends, that you can vent everything to. Certain topics should be vague or just off limits altogether at work. Talks of the weather and weekend plans might get boring but getting deeper in subject matter may not be the way to spice up your inner office conversations.

  1. Personal relationships

    No one you work with should know anything about what goes on in your bedroom. Casually talking about dating is okay but once you dig into someone’s intimate life, you’ve crossed the line. Even if someone else starts the conversation, it’s best not to participate. These kinds of topics make people very uncomfortable and could lead to sexual harassment complaints. Save the romantic talks for after-work drinks with your friends.

  2. Personal health issues

    Even though health issues, mental or physical, are nothing to be ashamed of, you shouldn't dwell on them too much at work. There are certain medical conditions that you should definitely feel safe discussing with your boss like flu symptoms or any diagnosis that could cause you to miss work. But while talking with your boss about a potential sick day is okay, you may want to refrain from going into detail about your current medication or medical testing with your coworkers.

  3. Salary

    No one you work with should know your personal financial business. Who knows if the colleague next to you is getting paid more or less than you? The last thing you need in the workplace is jealousy over wages. Abstain from asking or hinting about money matters. Sharing salary information can create tension between colleagues and resentment towards management, so it can really lead to a toxic work environment.

  4. Religion

    Talks of faith, especially when there are opposing thoughts can be disrespectful, even if you’re the most tolerant person on the planet. You may want to make a joke about Catholic priests and little you know – it turns out your boss is Catholic. Avoid religious talk because people place their entire belief system on their religion. Also, just because you’re not discussing your beliefs doesn’t mean that you don’t have them.