Top 5 favorite questions of recruiters

Posted on September 10, 2018 at 5:30 PM

Some interview questions are tricky and others straightforward. Knowing what you are going to be asked and why can make an interview so much more successful. The questions could be about your experience, but recruiters are just as interested in how you work with others and will bond with the team.

  1. Why did you leave you last job?

    Almost every interviewer will specifically ask you why you left (or want to leave) your most recent job. It could be because of a conflict with a colleague or manager. Hearing the reasons behind each specific move will reveal patterns and also help the interviewer understand more specifically what the candidate is looking for in their next move.

  2. Why did you choose education in…?

    This is asked primarily to recent grads, but the thinking is that the recruiter can see what your true passion is. Just because someone majored in psychology does not mean they are determined to be a psychologist. They could be passionate about business marketing or communication. This question comes in handy and will show you how your passions changed over time.

  3. What do you know about the company and why do you want to work there?

    This question serves three purposes: it puts you on the spot, so the recruiter can see how you respond under pressure. It also shows if you have done your research about the company and if you came prepared and finally it indicates if you are really interested in the role and organization.

  4. What relevant experience do you have?

    This is all about finding out if you really understand the role. Look at your experience and align it to the role. Your experience could be from employment, volunteer roles or education. If, for example you want to be a journalist, your experience volunteering at a student radio station counts.

  5. What are your career objectives?

    This question reveals your ambition and whether it aligns with the company. The recruiter wants to find out if you would be a proper fit to the organization. Almost every company is looking to hire employees long-term and they want to be sure you will not quit too soon, seeing that you cannot progress the way you have planned in the company.