Common problems you face at the workplace

Posted on February 12, 2018 at 6:11 PM

Face it. No workplace is the same but there are problems that occur in every organisational culture. Even if you perform at your best and try to be as professional as possible, issues could still affect your performance. Here are some stumbling blocks to look out for.

  1. Salary

    Low income definitely tops the list of things employees are most concerned about at their workplace. Most of the employees think that they could get a raise only by changing jobs. You feel you are contributing to the company more than the co-worker sitting on the desk next to you, but they still get better salary? If you know you have solid arguments that you deserve more, do not be afraid to speak up and discuss the subject with your supervisor.

  2. Different work styles

    Collaboration is crucial to making progress but what do you do if your work styles clash? You like to pay attention to the detail, but your co-worker always looks at the bigger picture; you like to stay late but they like going home early. Try to know your co-worker's style in order to anticipate issues and resolve them in advance. Establish a dependable way to hand off materials to make sure that in the end the task will be completed.

  3. Distractions

    The biggest distraction on the workplace is probably social media. You may find yourself struggling to progress through your tasks. In order to concentrate on one task, you should silence your weaknesses. If you are unable to turn off your Internet entirely, you should learn to put aside 5-10 minutes every couple of hours in-between tasks to check your social media. Remember - discipline is key!

  4. Drama

    Drama and gossip can make any office environment unbearable. Whether you have overheard someone talking behind someone else's back or it is your annoying colleague who cannot stop complaining about their break-up, you definitely want to distance yourself and get your job done. Show your co-workers clearly that you do not like to be involved in drama at the workplace and if the situation gets intolerable, do not hesitate to explain your frustration to your manager.