Office pranks to refresh your company culture

Posted on October 15, 2018 at 4:30 PM

Let’s face it. Working eight hours straight is no joy ride. Sitting in the same chair every single day. Working with the same people. Going through the same daily activities again and again. It all can get monotonous very quickly. That is why every company needs a bit of fun from time to time. And what could be more fun than a few harmless office pranks?!

  1. The gift

    This prank may require a bit of preparation beforehand, but the facial expression of your colleague will totally worth the struggle. Simply wait until your victim goes on a holiday. You have to choose a material in which you will wrap up their desk, chair and all of their office equipment. It could be stretch folio, bubble wrap, gift wrap or everything that could be big enough to cover it all. Your colleague will face quite a challenge to unpack their work station.

  2. The naughty co-worker

    The next one is pretty easy and fast to do. Even though most of the people tend to lock their computers when they leave their desks, from time to time somebody may forget and leave their computer unsupervised. This is your chance to act. Simply open a browser and load the first porn video or photo you find online. Do not forget to announce aloud how inappropriate it is to watch that kind of stuff at work.

  3. The keyboard mess

    This one might get you punished for messing with office property if you can’t put everything back together again. Choose your victim carefully. Someone who understands and appreciates the importance of a good laugh will join in the cackles that follow. Spend about half an hour with a screw driver and purposely change the position of some of the keys on the keyboard. Do not be obvious. Your colleague will have a hard time trying to figure out why they are misspelling.

  4. The photo delight

    This is a class of pranks that relies on repetition. The idea is to overwhelm your co-worker by flooding their desk with something they do not like or are embarrassed by. There are so many variations to this one. You can find an old photo of your colleague on which they think they do not look good at all, print it out 30-40 times and cover their whole desk and walls with it. You can also use your computer skills and photoshop them next to a popular person that they dislike or photoshop them next to Jesus on ‘The last supper’ for example.