What to do when you lack motivation

Posted on July 16, 2018 at 6:00 PM

You have probably noticed that it is hard to be motivated all the time. No matter what you are working on, there are bound to be days when you do not feel like showing up. There will be tasks and projects that you do not feel like starting. There will be reports that you do not feel like writing. There will be responsibilities that you do not feel like handling. It is completely normal to lack motivation and if you want to get back on track, here are some tips on how to stay motivated at the workplace.

  1. Value your work

    It is possible that your work is not rewarding. In this case, you can try to find the positive side of each task. Some tasks may be motivated by a salary, others by a warm relationship with your colleagues. What are the positive aspects of your job? Can’t you find any? You may try reflecting on what could be improved in your daily tasks: how could you make them more amusing, more fulfilling? If you can’t find any because your work does not motivate you at all, you may want to consider a higher position and/or a career change.

  2. Treat yourself

    Treat yourself to your favorite coffee or tea on your way to work. Make lunch plans. Schedule something nice after work, like a workout, a get-together with friends, or a pj’s night at home with a good movie. Remind yourself these things are better than the guilt of calling in sick, the awkward excuses that need to be made (or the fake cough) and the overwhelm of twice as much work the next day.

  3. Do the easier tasks

    Perhaps today is not the day you are going to complete the big project, but keep in mind that anything you do at work (no matter how small) is more than what you would have accomplished if you called in sick. You might get some filing done, complete some mindless paperwork or make a supply run, rather than tackling something that requires more brain power or passion.

  4. Connect more with co-workers

    When you are not friendly with your co-workers, going to work every day becomes an unpleasant experience. Even if you have a rich personal life and do not need any additional friends outside of work, you may still need friends at work. Distancing yourself from the rest of the office makes work harder for you because you spend so much time there without connecting with other humans. Sometimes having a small conversation with one of your work friends in the break room can perk you up for your next meeting or task.