4 similarities between The Lord of the Rings and office life

Posted on January 15, 2019 at 5:00 PM

All movies, even the most twisted ones, have something in common with real life. In a series of posts, we will try to show you some of the similarities between few of the most popular movies and the office life. We already talked about ‘The Matrix’ so today we continue with ‘The Lord of the Rings’.

  1. Gandalf at the office

    There is at least one office wizard in every company. Usually they are the IT guy who knows the secrets of all computers at the office. They are always there to guide their colleagues and fix any issue that might disturb the work process with their magical tricks. The other people at the office think the IT guys are so smart and skilled, almost like they do not come from this world.

  2. The ring and the burden

    The office manager is usually in charge of keeping everybody at the office happy and satisfied. This could be a very heavy burden especially in a company with a lot of employees. A burden that weighs on the office manager’s neck like the ring weighs on Frodo’s. They both have to overcome a lot of obstacles, complete different quests and tasks but at the end, if they manage to save the day and make everybody happy, it is all worth it.

  3. ‘What about second breakfast?!’

    Do you remember Merry and Pippin? They were two hobbits that were always hungry and ready to do everything to have their regular meal in the usual hour. Do they remind you of any colleague of yours? The one that just had lunch but is now looking for something small for desert. The one that quietly keeps eating all the food supplies in the office and keeps asking for more.

  4. The eternal competition

    For some employees the desire to be better than that other guy in their team is everything. They put all their effort to compete with each other, to take on the most difficult project, to be the manager’s favorite, to finish their task first, etc. Something very close to Legolas and Gimli and their eternal fight for being better at killing orcs. This type of competition could be actually very beneficial to the company. Along with the fight for being better, the employees also deliver higher performance in their work.