Why do we hate Mondays?

Posted on August 15, 2018 at 4:30 PM

For decades, Monday has been considered the worst day of the week. But where does that negative feeling come from? If you have trouble waking up on Monday mornings, you are not alone. ‘Living for the weekend’ is not a long-term strategy. You can’t go through life accepting that 5 out of every 7 days are going to be spent doing something undesirable to you. If the environment in your workplace is not stimulating you, why are you even there to begin with? Here are some of the most common reasons we hate Mondays and how to overcome the frustration.

  1. Everyone hates Mondays

    It is easy to hate things other people hate too. ‘Misery loves company.’ Browse through Instagram on a Monday morning and you will see tons of coffee cup quote graphics sharing the pain of waking up on a Monday. What is more important is, how do YOU want to be spending your Monday? It is almost impossible to stay positive when your company culture is: ‘Hey, how was your weekend?’ / ‘Too short. Can’t believe it is Monday. I hate Mondays.’

  2. You got enough sleep, but you still feel tired

    This is a very clear indicator that sleep is not the problem. The problem is you are not emotionally invested in what you are doing. Have you ever gone on a vacation or a trip where you are doing stuff all day, going to bed late, and still waking up early with tons of energy because you are excited to do more exploring? That is how you should feel every day, in some way, shape, or form. Yes, even at the office.

  3. Mondays mark the end of one life

    When you ‘live for the weekend’, a Monday is the door shutting on your 48 hours of freedom and that is a pretty strong indicator you are living double lives. One life is how you ‘pay the bills’, and the other life is what you do for personal enjoyment. In some capacity, you want to find a way to merge the two. Otherwise, you will never find your work all that fulfilling.

  4. You are not doing something you enjoy

    Obviously. You are not going to wake up feeling excited to go to a job you do not genuinely enjoy. It is astounding how many people choose things out of comfort, or fear of the unknown. Sometimes the reason might be the people you work with. Regardless of how you feel about the work, it can be very difficult to take satisfaction in doing something with people who don’t bring you positive energy.