Alone in the office

Posted on October 31, 2018 at 4:00 PM

It is Halloween. In the spirit of today, we offer you to read a horror urban legend happened in an office just like yours not so long ago.

Peter worked as a graphic designer for an IT company. During the day the office was normally busy and full of people. But at night nobody wanted to work overtime alone. If they needed to do so it was usually by groups of three or four. Peter had heard stories about chairs swivelling on their own, about dark shadows moving about. He found it fascinating since he was interested in the paranormal, but he never thought that something strange would ever happen to him.

Peter's boss instructed him to go to the office one Saturday afternoon. Since it was a weekend nobody was there except a security guard. Peter thought that since it was not at night it would not be creepy to work there alone. He was wrong.

Nothing happened during the first two hours he was there. The office was completely silent. Peter decided to play some music on his computer to create a bit of noise while he edited his project. On the third hour something strange started to happen. Peter heard the sound running feet, like a pair of rubber shoes squeaking against marble floor. He thought that maybe it was coming from the office next door since the walls were pretty thin. Then he heard the sound come closer as if it was running right in front of him. Take note that Peter was the only person within the office. There was nothing in front of him except empty desks and cubicles. The security guard was outside guarding the main entrance. He had to walk through a long hallway before entering the office area. It was unlikely that Peter was hearing his footsteps. So, Peter stopped the music to listen to it more clearly. The footsteps were still there. It kept running from left to right then back again and it really sounded as if it was happening right in front of his desk.

Peter did not get scared, so he merely shrugged and just upped the volume of his music, so he can continue editing the needed files. The running stopped. Peter breathed a sigh of relief. He thought that maybe he was just imagining it. Then he heard three different voices laughing behind his back. This time, he got chicken skin. There were floor to ceiling windows right behind his back. The office was on the 21st floor. He turned around and saw nothing but the sky outside and a few faraway buildings. Peter shut the music off. The laughter continued on. That was it. He just could not ignore it anymore. Peter saved his project to an USB, logged off his computer, grabbed his bag and walked away.

It was company policy that the last person leaving the office must also lock the door. Since Peter was the only employee in the area, he had to make sure that it was locked properly. He did what he had to do and went on his way. Halfway through the hallway, he heard something click and turn. By this time Peter’s heart was pounding faster and faster. He knew he should not have looked back, but he did. The door that he was so sure was locked slowly swung open. There was no wind. Nobody was there. Then it slammed back shut. Peter ran and did not come back to that office ever again.