Do I need a career plan?!

Posted on February 19, 2018 at 10:10 AM

In today's constantly changing and highly competitive employment scene, you must have an action plan to move your career forward. Finding your dream job will not just happen by accident. No matter what you hope to achieve in the world creating and following a strategic career plan should be of high priority.

  1. What is a career plan?

    A career plan is the strategy to move forward throughout your professional life. You have to make some decisions, compare your options and think about what would suit you best at this point of your life. You have to know your skills, values and interests. Find your strengths, practice and develop them. Get them certified. That way you will be more prepared and qualified, and you will get ahead of the competition in the job hunting.

  2. Why have a career plan?

    A plan gives you purpose and a path to follow during your work life. As you progress, circumstances, of course, will change and you will need to update your career plan. Humanity evolves so does technology. Maybe the profession you wanted to dedicate your life to when you were child, is obsolete now? Having a plan motivates you to follow trends, obtain information, and helps you in making the proper decisions and taking advantage of the right opportunities.

  3. When should you create your career plan?

    You should have a career plan regardless of where you are in your career journey. The perfect moment is maybe right after you graduate from university when you have a clearer overview of your competencies. Your plan should represent the step-by-step process of where you are now to where you want to get. You will likely have difficulties when foreseeing all the positions you wish to have so be prepared to make adjustments. Career planning is a dynamic process.

  4. When to review and revise?

    Your career journey may be filled with interruptions, twists and turns. Whether you are simply taking the next step forward or you are returning from a career path interruption, you will need to revise your plan and make the necessary adjustments. Take the time once a year to review your goals. People and circumstances change, the work environment evolves, and you do not want to blindly follow a direction that is no longer meaningful to you.