How to get recognition from your boss

Posted on June 18, 2018 at 6:30 PM

No matter how great at your job you are, don’t expect people to naturally notice who you are and how much you have achieved. In fact, you’re likely going to have to take a few extra steps to turn the heads of the higher-ups. Whether you’re seeking a raise, a promotion, or a fantastic new job, learn a few ways to get your hard work acknowledged and admired.

  1. Check in with your boss regularly

    It is better to share information about your accomplishments with your boss regularly than to save it all up for your annual review. You do not need to knock on your boss’s door every hour to stay on their radar. Instead, develop succinct, timely updates and use your boss’s preferred method of communication to share them. That could be email or instant messenger, or it could be a regular face-to-face meeting. Emphasize the impact your work has had on the company, not just your activities. And when you update your supervisor on your accomplishments, keep it fact-based and make sure you freely give credit to your colleagues, as well.

  2. Do some public speaking

    Public speaking is one of the most common fears, but if you can shake off that terror and become comfortable with it, it can pay off big for your career. Do not wait for the invitation to come to you. Get to know conference organizers, as well as past speakers and sponsors. Larger conferences will have a more formal process for vetting and accepting speakers; speaking at smaller, local gatherings can be as simple as volunteering for the job. In either case, coordinate with your manager and public relations team.

  3. Find accomplices in the upper management

    Do not let fancy titles make you nervous. Senior managers are often more interested in your ideas and contributions than you might realize. Do not be afraid to make a suggestion if you have a good idea or to get to know senior management as people. But do so amiably; do not force the issue in an unnatural way. By building a relationship with your supervisors and letting them know about your ideas for developing the company, you can assure that they will put up a good word for you in front of your manager.

  4. Get another job offer

    Word gets around. When you do great work and get recognized for it, your co-workers likely won’t be the only ones who notice. Getting another job offer might make you seem even more desirable if your company wants to keep you. However, you have to be careful how you play this card, because it can backfire. Position it as the job offer came to you, as opposed to the opposite. You can share with your boss something like, ‘A few weeks ago I received a job offer from a very respected firm which made me think about what I wanted. It was a very easy decision actually because I really love working for you'.