5 ways to bond with your colleagues

Posted on March 19, 2019 at 5:00 PM

Sometimes, work is about getting in, getting out, and getting that paycheck - and that is totally understandable. But there are benefits to becoming friends with your coworkers and being someone, people can get along with. It is also about creating a good environment, since work is where you spend most of your time.

  1. Let them see the real you

    It can be so tempting to put on your ‘work face’ while on the job. If you really want to bond with coworkers, it can help to let your guard down a bit and be your true self. The hardest but most important way of building a true bond and connection with your colleagues is by showing up as authentic as you can every day. If you would truly like to bond with your colleagues, challenge yourself to allow them to not only see you as a colleague but a human being.

  2. Bring up things you have in common

    No matter who you are and what you do - you have two things in common with everyone you work with. You eat and you commute, occasionally at the same time. While they feel like mundane topics, they are two easy go-toеs when you need to break ground. You can always ask your colleagues about their favorite place to eat around the office or how they get to work every morning.

  3. Show respect

    It is common sense, but respect goes beyond how you talk to the person, it is also respecting their boundaries. If that coworker is one who does not like office gatherings respect their decision, as it is not personal - that is just who they are. Or if the coworker has their office door closed, knock first. Kind, respectful gestures like these will help you stand out from colleagues who may forget to be as respectful. And when the kindness is reciprocated, you will have won yourself an office buddy.

  4. Happy hours

    Happy hours are potentially the most common form of after-work bonding. It is not a brand-new idea, but it can definitely get the job done. That is because happy hours give you the opportunity to unwind and have conversations with the people you work with. The truth is, you can do any number of things outside of work to bond with your co-workers. If you are not big on sports or working out, maybe you can find a group of people who would be into a game night. It really does not matter what you do.

  5. Create a group on Facebook

    Another fun way to bond, especially if you аre not the happy hour type, or just do not have the time, is to join a work Facebook group. Creating a closed Facebook group with coworkers is a great way to have fun sharing content in a social environment. Social media is not controlled by corporate rules and it allows coworkers to get silly, be funny, share pics from in the office and outside of work. This way you create a playfully informative environment outside of the office space.