4 similarities between Alice in Wonderland and office life

Posted on January 28, 2019 at 3:30 PM

All movies, even the most twisted ones, have something in common with real life. In a series of posts, we will try to show you some of the similarities between few of the most popular movies and the office life. This week we will look at ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

  1. ‘We’re all mad here’

    You will undoubtedly meet all sorts of people in your working environment and that’s fine as long as you do not become judgmental. Learning to accept the differences in others is one of life’s great lessons. Celebrating people’s differences makes life more interesting, exposes us to new perspectives and ideas and opens new worlds, just like Wonderland.

  2. ‘Off with her head’

    Just like the Queen of Hearts some managers like to exercise their authority on their employees. There are times when you have to be prepared to accept the criticism and learn from it. There are other times though when you have to stand up for yourself, especially when you are certain you are right. Just like Alice did. It is not true that the manager always knows best, they still need new perspectives and ideas.

  3. Time management

    If ever there was someone famous for being late - for a very important meeting – it is the White Rabbit. And of course, we all have that colleague who is always late for work. Getting to work and to meetings on time, as well as hitting deadlines, is fundamental for being a good employee. If you turn up late regularly, you are sending a signal to your boss that you are unprofessional, or that you do not care about your job.

  4. ‘Drink me’, ‘Eat me’

    From following a talking rabbit down a rabbit-hole to boldly drinking the unknown contents of a bottle labelled ‘Drink Me’, Alice takes plenty of risks. Follow her lead and be willing to step out of your comfort zone. Whether it is making the decision to change careers or volunteering to take on new responsibilities at work, go for it!